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AUSTIN, TX. - InBloom Autism Services announced today that they are now offering low-cost, high-quality diagnostic evaluations to identify Autism Spectrum Disorder in children between the ages of 18-months and 5-years-old. Included in the diagnostic evaluations is the ADOS-2, which is considered to be the current gold-standard of diagnostic evaluation tools, and will be administered by Clinical Psychologist Dr. Scott Allen, Psy. D., at InBloom’s new Austin Learning Center.

InBloom’s Founder and CEO, Kiel Rager, explained that the new service in Austin is set to spearhead the organization’s recent community outreach initiative, which is focused on making diagnostic evaluations and therapy services more accessible to caregivers with young children.

“We are offering diagnostic services at-cost to try and reduce the number of kiddos who are unable to access the care they need due to waitlists or the typical high costs of receiving a diagnostic evaluation. We have seen many families being denied services that are critical to their child’s development because they simply cannot find a diagnosing psychologist with affordable availability,” said Rager. “Many families are on waitlists of two years or more just to obtain an evaluation to then be placed on another waitlist to receive the ABA therapy they need. Due to the supply and demand imbalances for diagnostic services, the cost to see a diagnostician has become unaffordable for most families. It is our hope that by offering these evaluations at a more affordable price, it will help more families to get the information they need to support their child's development.”

“Diagnosis is a critical stage of any individual’s life, and the way that it is done matters. A diagnosis gives an individual and their family a general idea of areas that require support and also helps to guide families toward critical interventions. Using the collection of data gained in a diagnostic evaluation, I’m able to use my 15+ years of working with individuals with ASD to help determine strengths and challenges for kiddos and make recommendations that are critical toward enhancing future development,” said Dr. Allen. “I’m personally excited because I have the opportunity to intervene at a point in development that really counts and I’m able to have a lasting impact on the kiddos and families that I get to meet. Austin, as a market, does not have many clinicians who offer thorough, targeted evaluations at an affordable price. I’m also very excited to help build a new program from the ground up with these facts in mind.”

Diagnostic evaluations at InBloom are being offered on a first come, first served basis for a price of $295.00 payable by credit card. Pediatricians looking to refer their patients, or caregivers looking to obtain an evaluation for their child can call 888-754-0398 to connect with InBloom’s Care Team, or visit to inquire more today. InBloom’s Austin Learning Center is located at 5307 Airport Blvd. Suite C Austin, TX 78751.

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